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I’d like to make it clear that this blog is not an academic blog, it’s just research that I do for fun. although I put a lot of time and effort into my research projects, and try to ensure that my information is factually correct and reliable, I currently just do this for fun so please keep that in mind whilst reading my blog! I’m not an expert on the topics I write about. also the photos I use do not belong to me, unless stated otherwise, and I will credit the owner (if they belong to you and you’d like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so immediately!)

about this blog

is blogging still a thing? I’m not too sure but I feel like one of those milf bloggers. sorry I’ll edit that out unless I forget. I decided to start this blog because I was bored after deciding to take time off uni, and I just love researching things. I learn about something and I have a lot of questions about it: the history, societal perception of it, who it affects and benefits, the impact of it…. I’m fascinated by these things so I end up researching a lot about them but then… I do nothing. so i thought it’d be fun to create a blog composed of my little research projects!! 

also, I wanted this to be sociology blog because most of the ones I found were a little outdated, or they used too much academic language (I’ve made a list of sociology terms to explain those that I do use). I feel like these blogs are only aimed at scholars and exclude the general public, so I wanted to make a blog that is accessible for more people. I try to keep my posts short and include pictures and memes to make them fun to read, and I hope that through this blog I could break the stigma of sociology being boring and make it fun and exciting??? it’s not all boring old white guys I promise!!

this blog will mainly discuss topics such as:

  • diet culture
  • social media
  • body image
  • fast fashion
  • celebrity studies

I want to discuss social issues, media and pop culture through a critical lens to improve my skills as a sociology student. I also want to try to write media analyses about movies, tv shows, and books – like reviews through a sociological lens?? I love thinking critically about media, but I’m not a media studies student so it’s just for practice hehe

(so if you’re interested in those topics look out for my twitter to see when I post)

I felt inspired to do this after watching social commentary channels on youtube, like the ones listed here. you should check them out they’re so cool and I learned a lot! so a lot of my content was inspired by them

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